• JUNIORjunior

    My name is Junior, and I have a tale of broken dreams. Look at my face and read the sorrow. When I was a young whippersnapper (I’m about 7 now), I dreamed of being the poster dog for McGruff. I wanted to take a “bite out of crime.” My own trench coat. TV appearances. I have the profile for stardom! And I have all the equipment necessary to solve the toughest cases, because I have a nose for news and the most lovely voice on the planet. Once I tracked the bad guys down, all I had to do was turn on my voice and the criminals would flee and the cops would come a’running.

    Life didn’t work out that way, though. Instead of a badge wearing basset, I ended up abandoned. I’m neutered and I’ve had all my vaccinations, and I’m on the twice a month heartworm program because I tested heartworm positive. I need a loving home and some

    If there’s a place in your home for me,  call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.

    Nigel and Sledge

  • sledgeMy name is Nigel and this is my brother Sledge.

    nnigel We’re only 12 weeks old, and so far, life has not shown us a lot of kindness. The person who owns our mother didn’t want puppies, but failed to have Mom spayed. So when we came along (there were three of us, but our  other brother John-John didn’t make it) they just threw us in a ditch. We were hungry and confused. And then we got sick. 

    John-John was the biggest and he tried to provide for us. He did the best he could, but when he got too sick he just couldn’t. And then a good samaritan found us and we made our way to the rescue. Sherry took us to the vet and we found out we had Parvo. Everyone tried so hard, but John-John didn’t make it. But Sledge and I are on the mend now.

    We’ve had one round of shots but what we really need is a loving home. We aren’t big, and we’re very lovable. We’d be so grateful for a loving family. Please consider adopting up. Just call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.


  • blue“What am I, chopped liver?” 

    Heck no, my name is Blue and I’m a “Blue Lacy,” a very rare breed of dog. In fact, I was ransomed to freedom! It’s a long story, but just understand that I’m a very special dog. My situation was pretty unique, and my life was in peril when a Good Samaritan raised money to buy me from my owners. Within eight hours donations had been made to buy my freedom. And now I’m looking for a permanent home. (There’s not every dog that can say they were ransomed!)

    My health is excellent! I’m only six months old, I’m neutered and I have all of my shots! And just give me a play space. I have more energy than the Energizer Bunny. In fact, it might be a caution with a young child. Not because I’m bad, but only because I love, love, love to play.

    While I don’t come with a dowry or a pedigree, I do come with 100 percent, undiluted, hard-to-find joy! I’m full of it. Look at me and you feel it. Pet me and you touch it. Got the blues? Then I’m the Blue for you–I can chase them away faster than you can say ‘Jack Sprat.’

    Please call ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, at 251-391-0959 and take me into your home. It’s not everyday you can catch hold of real joy.


  • Adopted!

    Some call me Queen Beulah, which is merely my due. Let me tell you about myself. My pedigree is impeccable–I am ruler of the Basset House Clan. I’m elegant, completely house trained, good with children and I know how to put other dogs in their place. Imagine that some of those lower life forms think they can sniff me up–horrors! Queen Beulah does the sniffing is any sniffing is to be done. But I can be wooed into friendship with canines as long as they understand my regal heritage.

    My story should be a Lifetime movie, and I expect Hollywood to call any day. I was abducted by members of the Canine Mafia and was going to be sold into doggy slavery (because I am incredibly beautiful and attractive). But I have such a loud voice and I was so vocal in my complaints, that my abductors pushed me out the window of a moving car. I almost died! It was unbelievable, and once I regain my throne and I find those heathens, it will be off with their heads!

    But forget about them. Some lovely, beautiful young children witnessed the horrible event and rushed to my aid. They rescued me from the busy street and called Sherry at Lost Without You Rescue. Since then, I’ve been with her. While I have all of my vaccinations, I did test heartworm positive. I’m on the twice monthly Heartguard plan right now.

    I require a fenced yard, because like any monarch, I like to take a walk about in my kingdom. Well, actually, I’m in search of my new kingdom and a loving home. I really am a benevolent ruler, and I’d work hard to fit in with a new family. If you’re interested, call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama




    “Look into my eyes! Look deep into my eyes! You want to take me home and love me. You want to let me curl in your lap while I dream sweet kitty dreams! On the count of three you’ll awaken and call Sherry ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.”

    My name is Smokey, and I’m a Russian Blue. I have everything in the world going for me–good lucks, excellent temperament, FIV negative, I’m neutered and I have all my shots. I just don’t have a home. But if you look into my eyes, how can you not adopt me?

    I’ve been called the most loving kitty in the world, and I’ve already used more than one of my nine lives. I was on death row at an overcrowded local shelter when I got a second chance at Lost Without You. But there are so many, many cats who needs homes, and I’m worried that not even my many charms will suffice.

    If there’s room in your home for a mesmerizing kitty (I’m only 7 months old so I have lots of years left!) please call for me. You’ll never regret it. Just call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.


  • shihTzuDue to the proactive work of volunteers and pet lovers and the wide reach of the internet Lucy was returned to her owner. YEAH!!!


    wish I could tell you my name, or even why I’m here. But I can’t. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what happened, but once upon a time I was a loved member of a family. For nearly eight years I had a home and people who took care of me and gave me affection and food. I sat in a lap and rode in the car. But something happened that I don’t understand. Last week, the people who loved me put me in a laundry basket and left me at a pizza shop in West Mobile. I was terrified. And hungry. And I don’t understand if I did something wrong or if something bad happened to my family. All I know is that someone finally helped me. They took pity on a freezing dog and took me home. The bad news is that I can’t stay here. There’s just no room.

    When this kind lady took pity on me, I didn’t look so good. My coat was knotted and snarled. Before, I’d been to the groomer and I know how to behave. Because I’m a Shih Tzu, I do need care and grooming to keep my beautiful coat in good shape. But I looked a fright. I thought maybe my family was too busy, with Christmas and all of that. But I think it was something far worse. I know they were crying when they left me–which made me cry, too. Times are hard on dogs and people.

    Now I’m on a new journey. I’m not the kind of dog that quits and gives up because I’ve been hurt. I have a lot of love to give and I want a family who loves me again. I’m well-behaved. Please think about taking me home with you. You can inquire about me by calling 251-391-0959.


    Calico Sisters

  • Calico sisters

    We’re the Calico Sisters, and we are full of fun! Let Us Entertain you! We flip, we jump, we purr, and we will make your life so much more fun–if you’ll only let us in. First, let me note that we have unusual markings, which is appropriate, because we are rare and unique kitties. The folks at “Lost Without You” rescue have taken us to the vet, and we are spayed and FIV negative. So we’re ready to go. All we need is a loving home.

    Now it would be wrong if I promised that we’d always be good, but it’s true that we sleep about 18 hours a day. So that only leaves 6 hours for frolicking. But what’s the point of a kitty that doesn’t race around the kitchen floor or try to swat your feet from under the sofa. Soon enough we’ll be grown and more sedate, but come and look at us now–while we’re full of the verve of youth.

    And we look so much alike it’s hard to tell which of us is doing what–and that’s a lot of fun. If we’d been born human, we would have grown up to be Rockettes, or maybe star in High School Musical. Or Fame. Yeah, Fame. Think of it. We could be your very own little kitty stars.

    Call Sherry quick, before someone else lays claim to us. 251-391-0959 in Theodore, Alabama.. Open your heart and your home and you’ll get more love than you ever thought possible.


    Waiting on an Angel

  • Small-PuppyWAITING FOR AN ANGEL -Sometimes in life, a dog just has to turn to philosophy to try to get a handle on things. I think I need to write a book–Bad Things Happen to GoodPuppies. There’s no other way to explain how I ended up in such a tragic situation. I didn’t do anything wrong, but one thing I’ve learned is appreciation for a bit of kindness.

    I’m very young, only four months (too young to have heart worms, thank goodness, and also too young to be neutered, but I expect that to come along) and I was in a bad, bad situation. Donna came along and helped me. There really are angels walking the face of the earth. 

    But what I need now is another angel. I need a permanent home. Take a look at me, but look closely. I put all the love I have to give in my eyes. If you’ll just give me a chance, I can show you what a good dog is. Remember, I am a puppy so despite my best intentions, I’ll do puppy things. (Keep those shoes out of my reach–I just can’t resist stinky!)

    And I am tiny–only six pounds. I won’t take up much room, and I don’t eat much. But I will love you like a mastiff. Please call Donna Dodge (251) 802-1747. Or email her at dwdodge@mchsi.com. Calling or texting is the best way to contact Donna. I’m very patient, but I am waiting for my angel to come to the rescue.

    About Us

  • Located in Semmes, Alabama, Good Fortune Farm Refuge is a non-profit ranch, where we rehabilitate abused and abandoned animals  and  find homes for rescued animals.  We are also a clearing house for rescuers to assist them to find homes for the healthy animals they have rescued

    GFFR is a non profit 501 (c) 3 animal rescue organization dedicated to placing rescued  animals in permanent homes. Thanks to our generous friends, we’ve had a great first year helping dozens of animals find safe havens throughout the Southeast.

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