• kittensRESCUED FROM A SLITHERY SNAKE  Once upon a time, way back in the swamp, there was a mama cat who found herself in the family way. She tried very hard to find a loving home to have her babies in, but the swamp was too dangerous. Every time she set out to hunt for a better place to have her babies, she was met by a moccasin snake or she heard the rustle of an alligator swishing through the mud. And then the time came for us to be born and she could do nothing but have us. 

    Lucky for us, though, someone heard our cries and caught us. Now, we’re living in a foster situation but we each need a permanent home. Mom has been caught and spayed, but we need help. We had a rough beginning, but we are loving kitties, and we appreciate love and attention.  

    Please help us find a permanent home. We know how bad life can be, and we’d be grateful for a home where snakes don’t try to eat us and someone will love us. Please call Sherry at 251-391-0959

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