• blaster01BLASTER¬†My name is Blaster, and my motto in life is “let’s have a blast.” I’m a boxer pup, and I’ve been through a lot in my life. I was in a home with two young boys–perfect for me, you would think. But they couldn’t keep me. So they tried hard to find me a good home and took me to a park to give me away. A very kind Samaritan saw me there and knew I was in a dangerous place. Young boys who are told to give a puppy away can’t always judge the kind of people who come along. So Ms. Samaritan took me home, only to discover that I was coming down with Parvo. Much love and many vet bills later, I am fully recovered. I’m back to my normal, frisky self. I am a dog who loves to play with children and other dogs and adults with a sense of adventure in their hearts. I love to run and job and fetch and run and play. But I need a home. My wonderful Samaritan can’t keep me.¬†them, I’m the pup for you. All of my vet bills are paid and I’ve had all my shots. I just need love and kindness and–we’ll have a blast together! Please call Sherry at 251-391-0959.

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