• ROMEORomeo

    Juliet, Juliet! Where forth art thou?”

    My name is Romeo and I’m a two-year-old Golden Retriever. Some would think my name Romeo is a misnomer, because I’ve actually had a little surgical procedure called neutering, but let me explain. Romeo was a lover, and lover can be defined by temperament as well as action. And if that’s the definition, I sure do qualify. I have all the love in the world. Unconditional. All I need is a human family to give it to.

    I ended up at Lost Without You in a hard way. I don’t understand what I did or why the men were so cruel to me, but they threw me over the fence. I landed hard, and it scared the Hance family a lot. They thought my back was broken. Poor Sherry was so upset, but let me say that her tears healed me. I’d never had a human who cared what happened to me before that, and Sherry really cared. She took me to the vet and discovered that my back was merely bruised. I’m okay.

    I have a secret to tell you. I really love kids. I do. If I could just have my own little human…well, let’s just say life would be perfect then. And I also like other canine playmates. In fact, I like almost everyone and everything. Because I’ve been mistreated most of my life, I tend to get a little excited when someone takes the time to play with me, but I’ll get over that. I promise. Once I’m sure that I have a permanent home where someone will pet me and play with me, I’ll be the best dog ever.

    I’ve had all my vaccinations. And I’m a good boy. Give me a try. Call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama,251-391-0959. Open your heart and your home and you’ll get more love than you ever thought possible

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