“Look into my eyes! Look deep into my eyes! You want to take me home and love me. You want to let me curl in your lap while I dream sweet kitty dreams! On the count of three you’ll awaken and call Sherry ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.”

    My name is Smokey, and I’m a Russian Blue. I have everything in the world going for me–good lucks, excellent temperament, FIV negative, I’m neutered and I have all my shots. I just don’t have a home. But if you look into my eyes, how can you not adopt me?

    I’ve been called the most loving kitty in the world, and I’ve already used more than one of my nine lives. I was on death row at an overcrowded local shelter when I got a second chance at Lost Without You. But there are so many, many cats who needs homes, and I’m worried that not even my many charms will suffice.

    If there’s room in your home for a mesmerizing kitty (I’m only 7 months old so I have lots of years left!) please call for me. You’ll never regret it. Just call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.

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