Before I came to my new home, my life was terrible. I lived in a small pasture that was mostly mud, and I was slowly starving to death. I had a baby, a beautiful little filly named Dolly, and both of us were in a terrible situation. We never had enough to eat and Dolly didn’t grow, she became stunted.

    A lady who’d taken another rescue horse heard about us and began trying to save us. Our owner refused to give us up, though. He said we were valuable, even though our hips were about to come through our skin.

    But the lady didn’t give up. She and her husband bought us, because she knew we’d die if she didn’t.

    For almost a year, we had plenty to eat and a good pasture to graze in. But the damage had been done to Dolly. She died last spring. Her heart had been damaged.

    But my life today is good. I have a big oak shade tree and a pond and green grass and three horse friends to hang with. I have a family who plants rye grass in the winter and keeps the water tub full.

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