• Sadie’s success storysadie

    My name is Sadie, and my story has a happy ending. I was a young horse when I lived in north Mobile County. A family bought me as a gift for their young daughter, and though she loved me, she was afraid of me. People don’t understand that it takes skill to ride even the most docile horse, and I was young and frisky. I didn’t mean to scare my young friend, but I did.

    There was an even bigger problem. No one really knew how to take care of me. My family never expected how much grass I’d need or the expense of caring for my hooves and vaccinations and regular worming. The economy grew worse and money got tighter and tighter. I was hungry all the time and my belly became infested with worms.

    Then one day a woman working for a home health agency heard about me and she came to see me. She had land with lots of grass and other horses. She offered to give me a new home.

    And my family loved me enough to want the best thing for me—so they gave me to her.

    My new owner and her friend came to pick me up one day, and I was whisked away to another part of the county. Even though I wanted to tear loose and jump into the lush grass, I couldn’t. Too much food too fast could have killed me.

    So it was a long, long process of gradually increasing my food intake until I could eat normally.

    Now I’m fat, sassy and the boss of the pasture.


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