• Summer started out rough for the puppies, Mama Pug and me. We found shade under an abandoned camper, and some kind strangers filled a water bowl. Days went by and food was hard to find. One afternoon, I was returning from searching for food when I saw Mama Pug and the puppies coaxed into a car and driven away. My puppies and my mother were gone! Day turned into night, and I was still alone, waiting. Then I saw them! Mama Pug and Ellie Mae came trotting across the field. They hadn’t been taken far, and they smelled of a delicious meal! My little Jed was still cuddled up with the folks that had fed them, but Mama Pug was not about to leave me behind! She slipped off and my baby Ellie Mae followed her back to me.

    The next afternoon the car came back and we jumped in! Jed was inside too, so we were all together again. The pups were afraid of people at first, but warmed up quickly. I was happy to feel kind hands and showed my appreciation with cuddles and curly tailed wags. We all feel better after a trip to the vet. I’m told I’m a pretty little Pug/Chihuahua mix and 2-3 years old. I’m healthy at 18 pounds and heartworm free, up to date on my shots. It was pretty obvious I’m not spayed with nursing young ‘uns trailing behind, but I’m willing to put my mothering days behind me! Jed is still with me at the foster farm, but he’s 11 weeks old and fully weaned. I’m playful and have proven myself to be friendly with other dogs, large and small. As for cats, I’m pleasant but indifferent and that seems to be fine with them. I gave of piece of my mind to that nosy horse, though! 

    I found a Home, thanks Misha for your help.

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