• I found a Home! All I know is that my Grandma is a feisty little Pug that helped my mom, Reba take care of us. I would follow her around looking for food and water before we got a real home. I used to be afraid of people, but now I love to go where they go and play as long as they can. I’m ready to be some lucky person’s loyal companion. I’m 11 weeks old and full of puppy power! I’ve got a big crate I sleep in and yelp to go outside, so I’m told I’m a good boy. I’m growing up around big dogs, old dogs, tom cats and horses. They are all teaching me good manners, (I get growled at a lot). The vet says I’ll be little, and that I look like a Pug+Chihuahua mix. I’ve had my first shots, and I’m fully weaned. I enjoy dry food, rawhide bones, and playing tug of war with a stuffed toy. I’m pretty sure I would like walks on the beach or quiet evenings by the fire with my special person.  I’ll bring the Joy of Living into your Day. 


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