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    Take one look in my face and you’ll understand why I’ve been named Skye. My eyes are blue blue, and they’re the perfect window to my soul. I’m a mixed breed. Some Australian shepherd, maybe some husky, some-a-this and some-a-that. Maybe some boxer, or even a bit of hound. Sherry is pretty certain I have some pit bull in me, but so far I haven’t displayed a single aggressive tendency. In fact, when I was picked up by a good Samaritan, I was playing in the ditch with a little girl and a pack of dogs. The dogs were being mean to me, but I wasn’t even fighting back. I’m just not the dominant type. I’m easy going, and I just want to play and play and eat and get along with everyone.

    I’m a young female, and I really need a home. I don’t bother the cats and I’m happy to have canine company, but I’d also be very happy with just being an only dog. 

    Please call Sherry at 251-391-0959 and give me a chance. If you take one look in my baby blues, you’ll realize that I have a big, big heart full of love. I just need a human to give it all too. 

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