• skyegoodpicSKYE -

    Take one look in my face and you’ll understand why I’ve been named Skye. My eyes are blue blue, and they’re the perfect window to my soul. I’m a mixed breed. Some Australian shepherd, maybe some husky, some-a-this and some-a-that. Maybe some boxer, or even a bit of hound. Sherry is pretty certain I have some pit bull in me, but so far I haven’t displayed a single aggressive tendency. In fact, when I was picked up by a good Samaritan, I was playing in the ditch with a little girl and a pack of dogs. The dogs were being mean to me, but I wasn’t even fighting back. I’m just not the dominant type. I’m easy going, and I just want to play and play and eat and get along with everyone.

    I’m a young female, and I really need a home. I don’t bother the cats and I’m happy to have canine company, but I’d also be very happy with just being an only dog. 

    Please call Sherry at 251-391-0959 and give me a chance. If you take one look in my baby blues, you’ll realize that I have a big, big heart full of love. I just need a human to give it all too. 

    Daddy’s Girls Love Animals

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    “Unwed, unbred-but ready!” -

      Sarah Booth


    If you love Sarah Booth Delaney and her friends, Tinky and Jitty, here’s your chance to show off their wit and whimsical character and help rescued dogs, cats and horses.

    Carolyn Haines has immortalized Sarah, Tinky and Jitty’s most famous quotes on quality T- shirts and sweat shirts, with Carolyn’s CH logo design on the front.

    For your donation of $20 to $28 to Good Fortune Farm Refuge we will send you a T-shirt or sweat shirt. 

    “I be dead people” – Jitty

    When you wear these shirts you’ll be the talk of the town and you’ll be helping  abandoned and homeless animals. 

    What more could a Daddy’s Girl want?

     “Are you a Daddy’s Girl?” – Tinkie



    Additional OptionsSmall, Medium, Large, XL – T-shirt $20  Sweatshirt  $25  

    1X up T shirt $24, Sweatshirt $28

    (T-Shirts run small, so for a better fit order a size larger than you normally would, we won’t tell)  

    Use Paypal,  or simply send  a check, along with your size and address to  

    Good Fortune Farm RefugeP.O. Box 237 – Grand Bay, AL 36541.  

    From the PayPal  site you can either send the funds to or use the donate link above to use your credit card.


  • blaster01BLASTER My name is Blaster, and my motto in life is “let’s have a blast.” I’m a boxer pup, and I’ve been through a lot in my life. I was in a home with two young boys–perfect for me, you would think. But they couldn’t keep me. So they tried hard to find me a good home and took me to a park to give me away. A very kind Samaritan saw me there and knew I was in a dangerous place. Young boys who are told to give a puppy away can’t always judge the kind of people who come along. So Ms. Samaritan took me home, only to discover that I was coming down with Parvo. Much love and many vet bills later, I am fully recovered. I’m back to my normal, frisky self. I am a dog who loves to play with children and other dogs and adults with a sense of adventure in their hearts. I love to run and job and fetch and run and play. But I need a home. My wonderful Samaritan can’t keep me. them, I’m the pup for you. All of my vet bills are paid and I’ve had all my shots. I just need love and kindness and–we’ll have a blast together! Please call Sherry at 251-391-0959.


  • AlfieALFIE 

    Call me a Snoodle. Call me a mutt. I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call me. My name is Alfie and I’m a two-year-old neutered Poodle/Schnauzer cross (or something of that nature). I’m cute as a button and full of love and energy–I like attention but I have a desire to referee when it gets too rowdy. Because of that, I would be happiest in a home without a lot of commotion.

    Because of my breeding, I don’t shed much. This is a real plus because in my heart of hearts, I’m a traveling man. I love to ride in the car and go wherever my humans go. I’m very well behaved on jaunts and I’m an easy, loving companion. I’d be perfect with a retired couple who want to hit the road. Or a young person with the wanderlust.

    I was in the City of Mobile Animal Shelter, and I was rescued, but my first home didn’t work out. In the mode of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I tried to intervene in a fight between two young brothers. It wasn’t a wise decision, but I was afraid they would hurt each other. I broke up the fight, too, but my new family thought I’d overstepped the boundaries. Also, because I always tell the truth, I have some kennel anxiety. I can get over this if someone will take the time to work with me.

    Anyway, I have all of my vaccinations. I’m ready to find a permanent home. Please call for me. I will bring love, joy–and no doggie fur! Call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama,251-391-0959

    Placing wonderful pets in wonderful homes