Help listing an Animal

  • Dear Animal Rescuer,

    Please send us the information on your animal  and we will put your information on our website,

    along with a photograph and a  short descriptive paragraph. Tell us a story, include the animal’s

    name, type, gender, medical history, likes and dislikes, location, etc.

    Write something entertaining. It will help the prospective owner to get to know the animal. See AVAILABLE PETS

    A prospective owner will contact you directly regarding your animal.

    It will then be up to you follow through on the viewing and delivery to the new owners.

    If the animal  is adopted, please let us know so we can place your success story on our website. See SUCCESS STORIES.

    All animals must be wormed and have current vaccinations before we can list them on our site. Please

    tell your vet that we may call to verify the pets health.

    Please send us the following information to :

    • Your Name
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Email address
    • Your Vet’s Name and Number (please tell the vet that we may call to verify health history)
    • A Photograph of your animal (jpg please)


    GFFR Staff

    Disclaimer: Good Fortune Farm acts as a conduit between animal rescuers and future owners. Good Fortune Farm takes no responsibility for the health of the animal or the placement of the animal. By signing the above contact information, you hold Good Fortune Farm and its members harmless from any problems that may arise because of your contact through this website or by the adoption of the animal.

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    Revised: August 28, 2010

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