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    Good Fortune Farm Refuge (GFFR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and arranging shelter, veterinary care and rehabilitation for abandoned or abused dogs and cats and horses and placing those animals in suitable adoptive homes.

    Since 2009 GFFR has placed over 30 dogs, 55 cats, 3 horses and various animals in permanent homes throughout the Southeast and Northeast United States and has arranged for veterinary care for each animal. Working with National, State and Local animal rescue groups and shelters, GFFR fosters dogs, cats and horses, socializes, trains, vets, and heals them until they can be sent to permanent homes.

    In addition to caring for these animals, members of Good Fortune Farm Refuge use various presentations to inform and educate the public in order to put a stop to animal abuse and irresponsible breeding.

    GFFR maintains an active presence on social media, using their website,, Facebook and educational blogs as an opportunity to continually raise awareness of the need for vaccinating, spaying and neutering at every opportunity. GFFR loans humane traps to individuals, helping to trap escaped companion animals or feral animals that are eventually placed in permanent homes.

    GFFR also assists financially challenged pet owners by paying for emergency veterinary bills, preventive vaccinations, food, and spaying and neutering.

    Past President of GFFR, award winning author and member of GFFR, Carolyn Haines, has been instrumental in promoting the need to vaccinate, spay and neuter dogs and cats by educating her readers through her numerous speeches to library, school, and reader audiences. Each month Haines reaches over 4,000 readers through her own personal social media networks.

    In each of her novels, Haines urges readers to vet, spay and neuter their companion animals. This marketing reaches thousands of readers who are animal lovers and are already inclined to help abandoned animals and almost as importantly, to pass the word on to others.

    In 2013 GFFR obtained a grant from the Banfield Charitable Trust for the “VET YOUR PET” Program, which was designed to help financially challenged pet owners to get their pets basic pet care and vaccinations. GFFR was able to assist 28 pet owners and 50 pets.

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