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    Fans of Carolyn Haine’s BONES mystery book series and Sarah Booth Delaney, will love the T-shirts inspired by Carolyn’s characters, her friends, and her love of fun. The proceeds from each shirt will go to Good Fortune Farm Refuge, an animal rescue group that Carolyn started to help her four-legged friends.

    If you order direct from the Zinnia Store, the money goes as a donation to GFFR. This includes shipping. Check out the Zinnia Store at 


    Daddy’s Girl Weekend – A great time was had by all!!!

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    From Carolyn Haines (Past President GFFR) My world operates with terrific help from family and friends. We had a VERY successful DG Weekend to raise money for GFFR’s spay and neuter/vaccination program. My friends came from far and wide to participate and help. But without Jennifer Haines Williamson, Aleta Boudreaux, Gayle Waitman, DeWitt Lobrano, Mahala Church, Priya Bhakta, Ron and Susie O’Gorman and so many more, this would never have happened. Status report on how much money we raised soon!

    Angus & Lucy

  • Angus


    We’re brother and sister, and we’d like to stay together and find a home where we can roam around. Our owners are elderly and can’t spend as much time with us as we would like. We both need some grooming but we’re really sweet and nice. We could us a little leash refreshing but we promise to behave. If we could like with HONEY, our adopted collie mix sister, it would be grand.



    Bone-A-Fied Delicious

  • Bone A Fied Delicious Cookbook with Recipes from Zinnia’s Finest Chefs, is now available for sale. Over 700 recipes from Sarah Booth Delaney’s friends were collected and put into one great cookbook. From soup to nuts to “Bervement Pies” these recipes are guaranteed to please your taste buds and your family.


    All proceeds from the Bone A Fied Delicious Cookbook go to Good Fortune Farm Refuge to help take care of pets in need.

    $37.50 includes shipping (USA)


    “Vet Your Pet” Targeted Companion Pets

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    By Carolyn Haines

    George County


    eterinarians joined forces with Good Fortune Farm Refuge and the Banfield Corporation for the first successful “Vet Your Pet” program targeting low-income families and their companion animals.

    All three vet practices in George County: Magnolia Animal Clinic, George County Vet Clinic, and Singing River Animal Clinic helped a total of 49 pets belonging to 27 owners.

    “This was our first grant, and

    BAnfield image

    we feel it was very successful,” Aleta Beaudreaux, grant writer and secretary/treasurer of Good Fortune Refuge said. “Two vet clinics in Mobile County also participated, and we are thankful to all of the vets who worked so willingly to provide basic health care to local animals.”

    “We had more calls for help than we had money,” Boudreaux said.

    Banfield Corporation awarded GFFR a $2000 grant, which the rescue matched, to provide shots, health exams, worming, tests, and in one instance, emergency surgery, for dogs and cats.

    “Basic health care can be out of reach for people who are struggling in a slow economy,” Jennifer Williamson, president of GFFR said. “We are so grateful to Banfield for giving us resources to help people who truly love their pets but are struggling financially.”

    The Mobile clinics involved in the grant were Grand Bay Vet Clinic and TLC.

    Boudreaux said GFFR will apply for another basic care grant and also for grants for assistance with spaying and neutering. “The real solution is neutering pets,” Boudreaux said. “We have to reduce the population growth so that all animals can have a chance at a loving home.”

    Williamson urged George County residents to talk with the local veterinarians about spay/neuter procedures. “In the long run, neutering a dog or cat is far more cost effective than not. Neutering cuts down on unwanted puppies and kittens along with diseases and illnesses brought on by fighting and wandering,” she said.

    “This is truly the humane solution to a problem that is only going to get worse. Statistics show that in a case where a female cat reproduces, should all of her offspring live and reproduce, over a six-year period 100,000 kittens can potentially be born from that line. For a dog, it’s about 64,000 puppies. A simple surgery can put a stop to all of this,” she said.

    Boudreaux said if another grant is given, the local residents will be notified with a story in the newspaper.



    It’s a funny old world and sometimes things happen that change your life when you never suspected anything was up.  Last spring, I received and E-mail from our vet that began with “In case you know anyone who might be interested.”  We’ll, we’ve all been on the receiving end of that kind of offer before and we know very well who  “anyone“ is.  I already had 3 cats in a suburban environment. Gimme a break, did we really need an 8 year old, 23 lb. cat?  His picture (thoughtfully included) was so cute though.  What harm could it do to stop by and say ‘hey‘ just to be cordial?
    ‘Frosty” was huge, white and obviously in need of serious hugs and pats,  a feline of the very finest kind, even if a bit bewildered as to why he was now living at the vets.  It seems he had belonged to an elderly gentleman until he was 5, at which time he was no longer able to take care of him due to failing health.  So, a couple who were friends, took Frosty in.        After 3 years, the wife announced that Frosty shed too much and she wanted to have him put to sleep.  So, her husband brought him in to our vet to have that dreadful deed done.  Thank heavens Beckett and Associates has a policy against this kind of thing and  refuses to do it.  Upon being refused, the man told them he could take Frosty home and shoot him in the head.  Instead, they prevailed upon him to leave Frosty with them so they could try to find a home for him.
    As it happened, we had lost Jaspurr, our 21 lb. fur ball, last winter and they were well aware that I had a soft spot for large cats. When I saw Frosty and heard his story I was in love with tears in my eyes. Well, anyway, you have guessed the rest.  The funny thing is, he did shed a lot when we first got him but for whatever reason,  he no longer sheds much at all.  Also, He is now Frederick – after Frederick the Great – as we deemed Frosty far too cutesy a name for a cat of his presence and dignity .
    He has adapted beautifully to a house with 3 other cats. Humphrey, Theodore and Edgar get along with him just fine and he even plays with them. (Sounds like a herd of wildebeests thundering on the stairs!) Frederick has carved out his own niche and established his own routine which meshes very nicely with everyone else’s. As I write this, he is asleep on a silk comforter at my husbands feet. I think (and hope) that Frederick is finally home, because we love him.       P.S. I later found out  that 3 other folks offered to take Frederick in, but our vet told everyone in the office not to promise him to anyone until he had been offered to me.  Some of us are just lucky.
    Mary Trono /


  • Ted

    I found a home. You can call me TED but I’m a romantic and prefer the Latin lover name, even though I’m only 14 weeks old. My foster parent says I’m an extremely smart lab mix full of puppy love and curiosity. I  was rescued from dire circumstances and given a new lease (leash) on life.  Now I’m house trained and crate trained and I found a new home.