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  • Another year begins at Good Fortune Farm Refuge. We’ve lost some of wonderful farm residents this year to age and illness, but we’ve also gained a few pups and kitties. The loss is always hard, but it gives us a lot of pleasure to be able to help other animals.15589941_10210519871346506_147619498768685215_n

    Celebrity prison dog, LeRoy Siegelman, was rescued from Oakdale Federal Prison in Louisiana by Gov. Don Siegelman and the other inmates, who had adopted the Casanova dog. Pets are not allowed in Oakdale, and LeRoy wandered in and out, visiting his prison friends and then roaming the town of Oakdale. He was a well-known character on the roads and by-ways.

    When Don learned that the prison was going to catch LeRoy and several other animals that had taken up residence there and remove them, Don called on his loyal assistant Barbara Tarburton to help. Barbara flew down from Minnesota and picked LeRoy up and drove him through horrific flooding here to Good Fortune Farm Refuge.

    And now LeRoy is in the middle of heart worm treatment, and the prognosis is good. He has also been neutered so his wandering ways are fading into memory. He’s a delightful dog who loves everyone he meets. The men at Oakdale did a great job teaching him to like people and to trust. LeRoy checks in regularly with his prison friends.

    GFFR didn’t apply for any grants last year, but we’re hoping for some help with spay and neuter money this year. Keep fingers crossed we get funded, so we can help others. We’ve had several Banfield Charity basic vet care grants and in the past years, we’ve been able to help quite a few people.

    We are a 501c3 non-profit, and every penny donated goes to the animals. Dee Hearndon, President, Aleta Boudreaux, secretary/treasurer, Stephanie Ryan, vice-president, and Carolyn Haines all work for free—because we love helping animals and people.

    IF you’d like to make a donation, you can do so by sending a check to GFFR at 2486 Ellen Dr., Semmes 36575 or via our paypal account. We also sell a few books and t-shirts as part of a fundraiser at


    Before I came to my new home, my life was terrible. I lived in a small pasture that was mostly mud, and I was slowly starving to death. I had a baby, a beautiful little filly named Dolly, and both of us were in a terrible situation. We never had enough to eat and Dolly didn’t grow, she became stunted.

    A lady who’d taken another rescue horse heard about us and began trying to save us. Our owner refused to give us up, though. He said we were valuable, even though our hips were about to come through our skin.

    But the lady didn’t give up. She and her husband bought us, because she knew we’d die if she didn’t.

    For almost a year, we had plenty to eat and a good pasture to graze in. But the damage had been done to Dolly. She died last spring. Her heart had been damaged.

    But my life today is good. I have a big oak shade tree and a pond and green grass and three horse friends to hang with. I have a family who plants rye grass in the winter and keeps the water tub full.


  • Use Paypal, Goodsearch  or JustGive or simply send us a check to 

    Good Fortune Farm RefugeP.O. Box 237 – Grand Bay, AL 36541.  

    From the PayPal  site you can either send the funds to or use the donate link above to use your credit card.

    We will gladly send you a thank you letter for your donation.

    Your donations may be tax deductible. Please check with your accountant. 

    Your donations will help pay for feed, vet bills and general care of the animals. 




    “Look into my eyes! Look deep into my eyes! You want to take me home and love me. You want to let me curl in your lap while I dream sweet kitty dreams! On the count of three you’ll awaken and call Sherry ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.”

    My name is Smokey, and I’m a Russian Blue. I have everything in the world going for me–good lucks, excellent temperament, FIV negative, I’m neutered and I have all my shots. I just don’t have a home. But if you look into my eyes, how can you not adopt me?

    I’ve been called the most loving kitty in the world, and I’ve already used more than one of my nine lives. I was on death row at an overcrowded local shelter when I got a second chance at Lost Without You. But there are so many, many cats who needs homes, and I’m worried that not even my many charms will suffice.

    If there’s room in your home for a mesmerizing kitty (I’m only 7 months old so I have lots of years left!) please call for me. You’ll never regret it. Just call Sherry at ‘Lost Without You’ Animal Rescue, Theodore, Alabama, 251-391-0959.

    Calico Sisters

  • Calico sisters

    We’re the Calico Sisters, and we are full of fun! Let Us Entertain you! We flip, we jump, we purr, and we will make your life so much more fun–if you’ll only let us in. First, let me note that we have unusual markings, which is appropriate, because we are rare and unique kitties. The folks at “Lost Without You” rescue have taken us to the vet, and we are spayed and FIV negative. So we’re ready to go. All we need is a loving home.

    Now it would be wrong if I promised that we’d always be good, but it’s true that we sleep about 18 hours a day. So that only leaves 6 hours for frolicking. But what’s the point of a kitty that doesn’t race around the kitchen floor or try to swat your feet from under the sofa. Soon enough we’ll be grown and more sedate, but come and look at us now–while we’re full of the verve of youth.

    And we look so much alike it’s hard to tell which of us is doing what–and that’s a lot of fun. If we’d been born human, we would have grown up to be Rockettes, or maybe star in High School Musical. Or Fame. Yeah, Fame. Think of it. We could be your very own little kitty stars.

    Call Sherry quick, before someone else lays claim to us. 251-391-0959 in Theodore, Alabama.. Open your heart and your home and you’ll get more love than you ever thought possible.


    Daddy’s Girls Love Animals

  • IMG_0467IMG_0464IMG_0462

    “Unwed, unbred-but ready!” -

      Sarah Booth


    If you love Sarah Booth Delaney and her friends, Tinky and Jitty, here’s your chance to show off their wit and whimsical character and help rescued dogs, cats and horses.

    Carolyn Haines has immortalized Sarah, Tinky and Jitty’s most famous quotes on quality T- shirts and sweat shirts, with Carolyn’s CH logo design on the front.

    For your donation of $20 to $28 to Good Fortune Farm Refuge we will send you a T-shirt or sweat shirt. 

    “I be dead people” – Jitty

    When you wear these shirts you’ll be the talk of the town and you’ll be helping  abandoned and homeless animals. 

    What more could a Daddy’s Girl want?

     “Are you a Daddy’s Girl?” – Tinkie



    Additional OptionsSmall, Medium, Large, XL – T-shirt $20  Sweatshirt  $25  

    1X up T shirt $24, Sweatshirt $28

    (T-Shirts run small, so for a better fit order a size larger than you normally would, we won’t tell)  

    Use Paypal,  or simply send  a check, along with your size and address to  

    Good Fortune Farm RefugeP.O. Box 237 – Grand Bay, AL 36541.  

    From the PayPal  site you can either send the funds to or use the donate link above to use your credit card.